Our Principles

  1. Organizing for climate justice is a lifelong commitment. Building a just transition to the non-extractive economy means creating a movement that is sustainable beyond college graduation.  We are generating collective commitment to organizing for the long haul throughout the Divestment Student Network.

  2. Relationships make us powerful. Strong relationships are central to effective movements and supporting a lifelong commitment to organizing.

  3. We recognize and challenge the barriers inhibiting folks from organizing post college, including student debt, job insecurity, mental health, isolation, and structural racism and sexism.

  4. We are committed to racial justice. Fighting for collective liberation and an end to white supremacy is integral in the creation of a powerful and sustainable movement for the long-haul.

  5. Learning extends beyond the classroom. We are committed to learning together by deepening our political analyses, organizing skills, and understandings of the world.