REFLECTION: Assumptions of the Dominant Economy

These are assumptions that the dominant [extractive] economy makes, brainstormed by the members of the Money Trees: Reinvest In Just Transition Study.

Assumptions of the Economy

There is no alternative

Alternate economies have never existed/could never exist

This is natural

Capitalism is ahistorical


As Lex said on the call, by naming these as assumptions, we are rejecting the above notions that this is the natural and predestined way of things - we are rejecting that these are rules rather than ideologies



People are valued based on their productivity

Some people are valued more than others

People (particularly poor, poc, marginalized) are disposable for sake of wealth  accumulation of few. Some people are valued more than others: the work of an investment banker is valued a lot more than the work of a coal miner

Success (or failure) is the result of personal choice (read: American dream)



Growth is inherently valuable

Constant growth = success

Growth benefits everyone

“Trickle down” economy

(Natural and Human) Resources are unlimited

Resources are meant to be consumed to depletion



We have to keep working and working or other workers could replace that worker

cheap prices due to cheap labor is beneficial to all people



Money dictates owner rather than labor: we see ownership as money rather than labor

Corporations cater to their shareholders (wealthy few) instead of acting to serve communities

Shareholders prioritized over stakeholders

Militarism and violence needed/justified to protect wealth of few

Competition is the only drive of innovation

Competition versus collaboration   


The ends justify the means -- the logic behind capitalism: if the end is good the process is good