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Our country is in crisis. Politicians are spending billions of dollars to incarcerate people, deport mothers and fathers, and pollute our people and planet. The political status quo doesn’t work for young people. People of color and the poor are hit first and worst, but none of us are safe in the long run.

Should we be surprised that it’s come to this? The average age of a Senator is 62. The most diverse Congress ever is still 80% white and male. Their support comes from a handful of billionaire donors. No wonder this generation of politicians is out of touch with what young people are facing.

Youth already know the real solutions to this crisis -- first, stop killing us, then invest in the good jobs, renewable energy, and free education that we all need. But these solutions won’t come unless we stop waiting on somebody else to save us, and start making the change ourselves. We’re taking matters into our own hands.

In the age of #Occupy and #BlackLivesMatter, we know that change happens when people unite and take action in the streets! On November 9th, in the streets of Washington D.C. youth will commit civil disobedience to demand that politicians follow our lead.

Join us there! RSVP to join the action on November 9th in Washington, D.C.


WHAT: Our Generation, Our Choice. The largest combined youth action for racial, climate, and migrant justice in years.
WHEN: November 9, 2015. Exactly one year ahead of the 2016 Presidential election.
WHERE: Franklin Square in Washington, D.C. (right by McPhearson Metro Stop)
WHO: You and me. The action is being coordinated by the Divestment Student Network, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, and

Our generation has a choice to make: to let a broken political system continue risking our lives and communities, or to take this crisis into our own hands and take action. We choose to take action.

See you on the 9th!


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