Lina Blount, Bryn Mawr '13

Dear friends, family, and fellow youth organizers and fighters,

My name is Lina Blount and I’m a Bryn Mawr Graduate from 2013.  I studied Growth and Structure of Cities, with a minor in Environmental Studies.  And in the Spring of 2011 I helped found a divestment campaign at my campus.

Since I have graduated, I have worked in the non-profit sector as an organizer fighting the fracking industry here in PA.  I have also continued work with the Earth Quaker Action team doing non-violent direct action, recently helping the team to win a campaign to get PNC Bank to cease investments in mountaintop removal coal mining.

And today, I renew my pledge to This Work.

I pledge that I will fight the fossil fuel industries that are profiting of the destruction of communities and the destruction of the climate.

I pledge to work with divestment organizers and alums to challenge the pillars of power holding up this extractive and exploitive industry.  I pledge to challenge the institutions holding this extractive and exploitive industry.

I pledge to see the intersectionality of This Work—to see how racist and classist systems are propped up by this extractive, plantation-foundation capitalism.

I pledge to do this work for the long haul.

I pledge to take care of myself and invest in knowing myself and my fellow organizers so to support the health of this long-term movement.

I pledge to act thoughtfully and to learn from actions.  

I pledge to respect my fellow organizers and recognize how to be powerful in listening as much as I am powerful in speaking.

I pledge to seek out learning at every step of the process—so that our movement can evolve and grow.

I pledge to look with clear eyes at the destruction we have already wrought on the world—and I pledge in that seeing to act still with more love and courage than fear.

With intention,
Lina Blount
Bryn Mawr 13' 
#BankOnUs #CantStopWontStop