Money Trees - Reinvest In Just Transition Study Goals

What are the goals of the Money Trees: Reinvest In Just Transition Study?

  1. Spread the principles and frameworks of Reinvestment in Just Transition across our movement.

  2. Build out a student leadership wanting to drive reinvestment, with a clear understanding of the Just Transition frame and non-extractive finance and its distinction from other reinvestment options. Enable students to identify false solutions and provide analysis of real solutions.

  3. Further politicize the concept of an endowment.

  4. Prepare campaigns to (potentially) run reinvestment campaigns in thoughtful, accountable ways.

  5. Develop buy-in to the broader climate justice movement; helping divestment organizers understand their place in a larger movement. Develop understanding of solidarity as shared power.

  6. Educate students on cooperative models and pilot organizations.

  7. Develop relationships with other student reinvestment organizers and create excitement about this thang!