Money Trees: Reinvest In Just Transition Study

Study Description

Money Trees: The Reinvest in Just Transition Study is a summer-long group study that introduces student organizers to the core values behind reinvestment in just transition through political education and discussion. We will dig into the problems posed by our existing dominant economy and understand how we can be part of a solution. We will also examine our role as student organizers in the broader climate justice movement, and become familiar with how grassroots partners are building power and organizing in their own communities in order to create an economy that restores our people and our planet. We will also explore how to practice the principles of solidarity and discuss how we can build shared power with our grassroots climate justice partners. A fundamental piece to participation in reinvestment work is an understanding of the principles that guide it. Participants will learn through readings, group discussions (via Google Hangout), and reflection exercises that fit their needs. Join us this summer to learn about reinvestment!

Mondays 5:00-6:30PM PST / 8:00-9:30PM EST

July 6 | July 13 | July 20 | July 27 | August 3 | August 10 | August 17

Contact Lex Barlowe ( or Audrey Irvine-Broque ( for more information on the study and reinvestment.

Study Materials and Reflections

Week 5: Solidarity Organizing & Accountability

Week 4: Just Transition - What does it look like?

Week 3: Cooperative Economics & New Models / Non-Extractive Finance

REFLECTION: Non-Extractive Finance Comic

REFLECTION: What Does A Cooperative Look Like?

Week 2: The Extractive Economy

REFLECTION: The Dominant Economy And College Tuition

One of the most direct and intense ways I interact with the assumptions of the dominant economy is the financing of my college education. The assumptions we brainstormed during last week’s call center around our final point about the logic of capitalism: if the end product is good, or at least successful in some dimension, then the process is good too, and any destructive aspects of the process are negated or shoved aside as irrelevant. This logic is painfully and personally applicable to my ongoing navigation through the ocean of student loans I depend on for my college education.

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REFLECTION: Extractive Economy Collage

REFLECTION: Assumptions of the Dominant Economy

These are assumptions that the dominant [extractive] economy makes, brainstormed by the members of the Money Trees: Reinvest In Just Transition Study.

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Week 1: Opening & Transition from Divestment

STUDY: Reinvestment Core Values

These are the reinvestment core values.

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Money Trees - Reinvest In Just Transition Study Goals

What are the goals of the Money Trees: Reinvest In Just Transition Study?

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