STUDY: Reinvestment Core Values

These are the reinvestment core values.

1. The dominant economy is an extractive economy. It extracts wealth, labor, and natural resources from the hands of many, and concentrates wealth and power into the hands of the few. University endowments have profited from these systems of extraction, and in doing so, have accumulated immense wealth. The Risk: Climate Crisis

2. Divestment disrupts extraction patterns and builds student power on campus. Divestment challenges corporate profiteering and insists that we hold our educational institutions to a higher standard, calling on them to use their resources to build a better society, starting with the communities in which they are based.

3. We can’t fix the economy and the planet with the tools that caused this mess in the first place. For generations, frontline communities have led cycles of resistance and restoration. We must reinvest in their expertise and real solutions to climate change. Corporate “solutions” will continue to benefit the few at the expense of the many. The return: An economy that is restorative to people and place.

4. The climate crisis is a crisis of ownership. Climate Justice calls for divestment AND reinvestment in an oppositional economy that challenges systems of greed and violence by creating more just forms of energy, food, education, exchange and self-governance. This is a project to shift ownership.

5. We are all building power together. Our reinvestment efforts are embedded within a mass social movement of interlocking justice struggles. Underlying all of our work must be a deep commitment to solidarity organizing and accountability to the communities who are the driving force for change.