Sarah Ponticello, Northern Arizona University '14

With so much emphasis being put on the “Green” movement, the mentality around what being Green is has been lost. It seems no longer to be a personal moral decision to live sustainably, but a corporate logo to instill confidence in a brand. Greenwashing is a serious issue as more and more people are seeking out the morally responsible product. There are no larger corporations that are abusing this than the oil industry. Companies that are determined to pollute our atmosphere and destroy our environment are now targeting the climate movement. 

t is our time to stop the greenwashing and stop the destruction of our climate. I have pledged to withhold donations from my university until they divest and to organize after graduation and beyond to put an end to the misinformation and misuse of fossil fuels. They have no place in a progressive community and no place above ground. Recent climate change began with climate injustice. I am committing to revoking the power of the fossil fuel industry and shifting it to the people’s hands. I pledge to divesting from fossil fuels. 

Sarah Johnson
Northern Arizona University, Class of 2015
#CantStopWontStop     #BankonUs