Today We #ResistRejectDenial, Tomorrow We Continue the Fight for Climate Justice

Today we did something huge. Over a thousand students from 25 campuses walked out in the largest student action of the Trump era. From middle schools to colleges and universities, young people across the country rose up to demand that our institutions choose the future of our generation over the fossil fuel industry and Trump’s climate denial.

The youngest participants in the walkout issued a powerful call to action. Melody Goodwin, a seventh-grade student at Kelly Middle School said, “the decisions made by our community today will directly affect us in the future, and we will be the ones living with the results.”

With Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson’s confirmation coming in the next few days, we know there is a lot at stake. Trump’s administration is threatening the very future of life on this planet, and there is no more room for our universities to remain neutral in the face of injustice. “We must disavow the blatant disregard for our wellbeing and future by climate deniers in office. We must stand up for the millions of people who are dying at the hands of powerful, morally corrupt individuals who deny climate change,” said Appalachian State University sophomore Samantha Smyth.

Our generation will be the one to end the unacceptable profiteering of fossil fuel billionaires and the politicians they employ. We will organize and mobilize in defense of our futures, and continue building the powerful movement we need to fight back over the next four years.  

Today is only the beginning. Join us to continue holding our institutions accountable to protecting our futures. We are linking hands with those already fighting for climate justice - and those curious and eager to join. Sign the We Rise: Pledge to Take Action to continue standing up to Trump’s hate and denial and fight for climate justice.

Here are a few highlights from today’s powerful day of action to #ResistRejectDenial:

More than 200 students walk out at Loyola University Chicago. Photo credit: Lucy Anderson


Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.27.14 PM.png

30 students march outside Kelly Middle School. Photo Credit: Brian Davies/The Register-Guard


Student organizers at Oregon State University and five public schools celebrated a victory this weekend after four years of campaigning for fossil fuel divestment.



130 students at the University of Denver gathered at a critical moment for their campaign - they expect the Board of Trustees to make a divestment decision within the week.


Divest Boston University. Photo credit: Katherine Anderson, Better Future Project Communications Coordinator


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