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Relational Culture, Relational Uprising
Dec 1-4 Watershed Center, NY
POC Training for Social Action Trainers - Training for Change
Dec 2-4, Philly
Whites Confronting Racism - Training for Change
Dec 9-11, Philly
Body-based Conflict Transformation Jan 20-22 Watershed Center, Millerton NY
Advanced Training For Trainers - TFC
Jan 23-28, Philly
Training for Social Action Trainers, TFC
Feb 10-12, NYC
Creative Workshop Design, TFC
April 21-23, Philly
Super-T, TFC
May 30- June 18, Philly


Cosecha Mass Trainings: 
Cosecha is organizing immigrants and allies for permanent protection. Find out more about their trainings here.
December 3-4: Midwest (Pittsburgh, PA)
December 10-11: Northeast (Boston, MA)
December 10-11: West Coast (San Jose, CA)
December 10-11: Upstate New York (Rochester, NY)
December 17-18: Central USA (Wichita, KS)
December 17-18: Southeast (Maryland)



Divestment 101

Divestment 101, by Swarthmore Mountain Justice

A campus guide to Fossil Fuel Divestment,

Campaign Strategy and Planning

Beautiful Trouble, A Toolbox for Revolution, 100+ authors write short articles on running campaigns

Organizing Cools the Planet, by Joshua Kahn Russell & Hilary Moore

An Action How-To Guide, The Ruckus Society

Movement Strategy 

Swarm video playlist, Ayni Institute 

La Minka Webinar Series, Ayni Institute 

Good Strategy, Bad Strategy, Richard Rumelt

Group Facilitation + Training

Training and Facilitation Tools, by Training for Change

Training Resources, by 

Training Exercises for Campaign Groups, by School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL)

Climate Leadership Workshops Toolkit, by

Organizer’s Toolkit, by New Organizing Institute

Building the Wheel, by Build the Wheel

Organizational Culture: The How-to’s of Starting a Group off on the “Right Page,” by Sally Bunner

Frontline Solidarity

The Solidarity Organizing Toolkit, by the Frontline Solidarity working group of the Divestment Student Network

Anti-Oppression & Collective Liberation

Towards Collective Liberation, By Chris Crass

Catalyst Project

Anti-Oppression and Allyship: A Resource Guide for Self-Education

Financial Studies Supporting and/or Related to Divestment
[An even larger set of resources can also be found at]

The Financial Case for Divestment of Fossil Fuel Companies by Endowment Fiduciaries, by Bevis Longstreth (Former SEC Commissioner)

Stranded assets and the fossil fuel divestment campaign: what does divestment mean for the valuation of fossil fuel assets?, University of Oxford

Unburnable Carbon 2013: Wasted Capital and Stranded Assets, by Carbon Tracker Initiative

Do the Investment Math: Building a Carbon-Free Portfolio, by Aperio Group


Reinvestment 101 by Responsible Endowments Coalition

Social Media

The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide Ever, by Green Memes

Traditional Media

How to get traditional media to cover your event by Better Future Project


Grassroots Fundraising Resources, Divestment Student Network

Collections of Resources compiled by Organizers

Resources for Organizer’s and Activists, by Joshua Kahn Russell

Organizing for Power Resources Page